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Choosing the Right Fishing Bait

This guide gives you all the information you need to choose the right bait in a simple, easy to understand way. Choosing the right fishing bait can be confusing, however it is essential you choose the bait suitable for the conditions in which you are fishing, your target species and appropriate to the other bait you are using. Get these wrong and you will turn the fish off from feeding, however get it right and you will find you’re catching more than other people on the water.

The first thing to consider is making the groundbait complementary to the other baits you are using. The bare essential is to use Protein with Protein and Nori with Nori. Remember this and you are half way there. For example SDP2001 Pellets are protein based, therefore any of the Protein based groundbaits below will complement these pellets perfectly. SDP2101 Pellets however are Nori based and therefore any of the Nori based groundbaits below will complement these perfectly.

Some baits will work with any of the groundbait range, these include corn, hemp, krilled maggots and JPz pellets.

The different groundbaits will target different species, some of the range work well in all temperatures i.e. winter and summer, however some are more suited for warmer conditions. It may well be when you are fishing that you are noticing more of a specific species in your swim and want to stimulate them to feed. Some groundbaits are suited to different depths. Winning match anglers using the Marukyu groundbait have a range of groundbaits with them to switch during the match to help stimulate the fish according to what they believe are in their swim.

Remember, all of the Marukyu groundbaits are scientifically developed and will stimulate the fish to feed. All of the packets are resealable and therefore you only need to mix what you need at the time. Further to this the contents in the bag expand when mixed with water and therefore you will find that the contents will last you longer than other ranges you will find on the UK market. You will notice of the the Marukyu groundbaits start with EFG, this stands for Explosive Formula Groundbait. This is because they are all designed to release attractants as soon as they hit the desired spot where you are fishing.

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Protein and Nori Based Groundbaits


  • Protein Based
  • Perfect for Carp
  • Suitable for feeder, method and float fishing/balling
  • Best Groundbait for winter / cold conditions.
  • Suits cold and warm conditions
  • Best Groundbait for deep water (>8ft) Slow breakdown speed.
  • Makes a fantastic paste for hook bait
  • Lower food value encouraging fish to feed in cold conditions


  • Protein Based
  • Carp, Tench, Bream
  • Suitable for exploding feeder, method and float fishing/balling
  • Excellent groundbait for warm conditions.
  • Effective 4-22 degree water temperature
  • Best groundbait for margin fishing
  • Suits medium depth (6-8ft) Controlled breakdown speed.
  • Lower food value

EFG 120

  • Nori Based
  • Suitable for feeder, float fishing / balling
  • Perfect for Carp, Bream, Tench, Barbel and F1’s
  • Best Groundbait for deep water (>8ft) Slow breakdown speed
  • An all temperature bait.
  • Best groundbait for winter
  • Makes a fantastic paste for hook bait
  • Low protein value – encourages fish to feed in cold conditions

Soft Fishing Bait

Soft baits are an incredibly versatile and effective class of lures. Made from special formulations of soft plastics, soft baits feature lifelike movement that induces fish to bite, and a lifelike feel that gets them to hold the bait longer, giving the angler a better chance of feeling the bite and setting the hook. No matter what the fishing situation, there is a soft bait to match.


Grubs are an excellent and versatile soft bait. Their size and shape coupled with the swimming action of the tail allows grubs to mimic a wide variety of baits, from minnows to insect larvae to squid.


“Critters” are soft baits made to imitate specific animals such as lizards, salamanders, crawfish, frogs, etc. that live in a particular environment. Can be very effective at overcoming a “pick bite”, as they present a novel and tasty alternative bait.


Extremely effective bait similar a worm, except for the flat tail end, which produces an action that gets lots of bites. One of the few baits that can be fished vertically in structure. I personally had a day on Lake Shasta fishing with nothing but reapers when 3 of us landed and released over 250 largemouth bass.

Tube Fishing Lure

Used mainly for bass fishing, can be Carolina rigged. Rig with a small sliding egg sinker in the tubes followed by a hook. The body of the tube can be filled with scent attractant to lay a “slick” and draw in the bass. Best as finesse bait, incredibly effective when fished slowly.

Candybar Jigs – “The Iron”

Southern California anglers are probably the most familiar with these versatile lures, which can be fished deep or on the surface, or even slow-trolled! “The Iron” is widely known as a “must-have” for fishing barracuda and yellowtail, but has also been responsible for catching everything from rock fish to marlin!

Most anglers know that the effectiveness of iron is due to it’s swimming action during the retrieve. What many don’t know is that jigs from many manufacturers are neither precision machined nor quality controlled – as few as 10% may have the proper swimming action. Experienced iron anglers thus choose their jigs by hand to ensure they receive the high quality jigs. A jig that doesn’t swim right is little more than a colorful and expensive sinker.


  • Highly versatile lures for catching many saltwater species. A staple for the California fisherman, but effective most other places in the proper colors and sizes.
  • We offer only the best colors used the world over by top fishermen, skippers, and deckhands.
  • All jigs manufactured and tested using aerospace technology. Hey – if we can build a jet engine, we can make a good fishing lure!
  • Jigs constructed from special alloys especially created by an expert metallurgist.
  • Every jig master is digitally traced and manufactured with numerical control machining, holding tolerances of better than 0.001″.
  • Every jig is measured at over 600 individual spots to ensure the proper shape, so every one that you buy will have the same great swimming action.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer.

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