Best Rivers for Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Best Rivers for Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places for fishing in the entire world, and I am glad that I can say that based on my experience and no one else’s. Anyone who travels in this area will be amazed with the bountiful number of fishing spots that can be counted by the hundreds. You will discover amazing places if you ever plan on traveling to Alaska, and especially you will find a lot of salmon. With so many species of salmon to choose from, you will only need to plan your trip right. Here are some of the best rivers for salmon fishing in Alaska. I hope my little list will help you.

Kenai River

I know that it is a bit of a stretch to name this river, because there are so many different spots along it where you can enjoy salmon fishing, that just a simple mention will not do it justice. I will try to list a few of these fishing spots so you can make a good decision for your next fishing trip. For instance, Moose Meadows is a great spot for coho and sockeye salmon. The place is good for people in wheelchairs, because they can use the flat metal platform installed here, so they can fish from their wheelchairs. Cunningham Park is another great spot, and it is ideal for silver and sockeye salmon. Be aware that here the water tends to rise and fall and you need to adjust your lure to score a catch. Bing’s Landing is another good spot for sockeye salmon, also located on Kenai River.

kenai river

Pasagshak River

Here you will find some basic camping accommodations, so if you do right Pasagshaknot mind not being able to enjoy the latest advancements in lodging, this could be a great place for you. Located close to the Lake Rose Tead, and very short for a river, this one is ideal for sockeye salmon fishing. The lake is the salmon’s favorite spawning place, which is why you will really maximize your chances of catching plenty of salmon if you camp in this area.

best rivers in alaska for salmon fishing

Ninilchik River

While this is a great spot for king salmon, be aware that the fishing season is very right ninilchicklimited and this species of salmon is not that easy to find because it is not very abundant. Nonetheless, if you manage to catch one, you will really have someone to brag about upon your return home.

salmon fishing rivers

Some of these places can be chilly sometimes. I recommend you make sure you have the best fishing clothes to avoid getting ill and feel comfortable while you are fishing. From all the articles present on Fisher Pants, I like the fishing shoes the most.

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